Functions according to the Ministerial Regulations

The Office of Justice Affairs has the functions related to policies and development of justice system as the following :

1. Study, research and evaluate law enforcement in order to report to the National Commission on Justice Administration Development (NCJAD)

2. Provide resources for NCJAD for setting unified and efficient directions for units and organizations in the justice system.


Take charge of the administrative work of the NCJAD and other works as assigned by the commission.

Study and analyze policies, strategic plans and management guidelines of the justice system as directed by the NCJAD.

Support and implement the justice strategic plan.

Coordinate and conduct researches on law, justice administration system and criminology, as well as conduct follow-up and evaluate law enforcement.

Develop law and systems relating to justice administration.

Support justice personnel development.

Manage funds for justice research and administration development.

Other duties as indicated by law, or as assigned by the Ministry of Justice or the cabinet.